Non-Compete Agreements   
California has strict rules outlawing covenants not to compete. But there are exceptions.
Independent Contractors   
Determining the true status of someone labeled as “independent contractor” is a complex inquiry, and a lot of money often rides on the result
Supervisor Liability in Employment Litigation   
An individual supervisor may be personally liable for harassing conduct—and the employer may be liable too under certain circumstances
Unpaid Internships Are Not Uncommon—But Are They Legal?   
The legality of unpaid internships is complicated by conflicts in state and federal laws.
Taxing Workplace Settlements   
Heed the tax code when negotiating settlements of workplace litigation
Non-Compete Clauses after Edwards   
California employers generally cannot stop competition from ex-employees, but they can still protect their trade secrets and prohibit raids on their staff.
Whose Pregnancy Is It?   
Statutes regarding leave time related to pregnancy or childbirth are complex, but never more so than when a surrogate is part of the mix.
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