SLAPP Update   
As recent case law demonstrates, California’s anti-SLAPP statute is a potent and ever evolving weapon.
'Special justification' and punitive damages   
More clamor for larger awards of punitive damages? The "battle" may turn on the presence (or not) of a "particularly egregious act" or "extreme reprehensibility."
Section 998 Update   
What every lawyer should know about the latest interpretations of California’s cost-shifting settlement statute
Tips for using social media research during voir dire   
Lawyers looking to research the social media habits of prospective or empaneled jurors should take to heart the childhood adage: "Look, don't touch."
Adding Debtors to Judgments   
A seldom invoked section of the Code of Civil Procedure allows creditors to add debtors to a judgment that has already been entered.
New Rules for Litigators   
2016 Brings Significant Changes to the California Code of Civil Procedure
Basic issues in business litigation   
Earn credit learning about common issues in business litigation, such as piercing the veil, sealing records and respondeat superior liability.
The basics of property exempt from money judgments   
The object of this article and self-study test is to provide an overview of claims of exemption for judgment debtors.
Cell Phones and Public Records   
Is a public employee’s cell phone subject to the California Public Records Act? The state Supreme Court takes up the question.
Demand Letters as Extortion   
Can an attorney’s demand letter constitute illegal extortion? Yes, indeed, according to recent California appellate decisions.
Whistleblower suits   
The objective of this article and self-study test is to familiarize readers with qui tam actions.
Jurisdiction & the Internet   
The doctrine of “minimum contacts” takes on a new dimension when applied to a defendant who does business only over the Internet, never physically setting foot in the forum state.
Warning: Some Cost Shifting May Occur   
The so-called “998 offer” can be a powerful tool: If the other side declines to settle but doesn’t win a better result at trial, it may pay the price.
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