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Constitutional Law
Searching a probationer's electronic devices [MCLE]
Under what circumstances do the Constitution and case law allow warrantless searches of electronic devices owned by probationers or parolees? By Alison Tucher
Legal Malpractice
A statute of limitations ruling favoring lawyers [MCLE]
The court's opinion correctly points out that neither the subjective belief of the client nor the formal act of withdrawing are alone sufficient to conclude when the relationship ended. By Dan L. Stanford
Legal Malpractice
Knock knock! State Bar special master at your door [MCLE]
Since 1979, a select group of hand-picked individuals from the State Bar's Special Master's List have been responsible for carrying out search and seizures of evidence in possession of or under the control of attorneys, physicians, psychotherapists and clergy members. By Jonathan Goldstein
Interrogatories and demands to produce [MCLE]
Earn MCLE learning about interrogatories and demands to produce documents. By Patricia M. Lucas and Gary Nadler
Civil Procedure
Max out joint defense agreements [MCLE]
In the past, litigation typically involved only one plaintiff and one defendant. Modern litigation, however, tends to be far more complex, involving multiple parties, parent corporations, affiliated entities, insurers and sometimes "angel" funders. By J. Randolph Evans and Shari Klevens



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Weekly Appellate Report Podcast
Josh Patashnik (Munger, Tolles & Olson) explains the 9th Circuit's significant determination that Winters rights apply to groundwater; Jeffrey Aaron (Office of the Federal Public Defender) describes a narrow evidence rule exception SCOTUS has created allowing impeachment of verdicts influenced by jurors' racial animus.

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CLAY Awards

The Daily Journal and Californialawyer.com held the annual CLAY Awards ceremony at the City Club in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 14. Lawyers from throughout the state involved in 20 groundbreaking cases were honored.


Judicial Profile

Judge Mark Mandio
Superior Court Judge
Riverside County (Murrieta)
MARCH 22, 2017

Corporate Counsel

Linda D. Barker
General Counsel
Los Angeles Capital Management Inc.
(Los Angeles)
MARCH 16, 2017