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Weekly Appellate Report Podcast
The 4th Circuit's undoing of North Carolina's post-Shelby County voting laws stands; Prof. Richard Hasen (UCI Law) explains the novel legal doctrine that remains good law after Monday's cert denial. Prof. Adam Zimmerman (Loyola Law) discusses how SCOTUS' latest arbitration ruling may slightly expand the Court's endorsement of the practice

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CLAY Awards

The Daily Journal and Californialawyer.com held the annual CLAY Awards ceremony at the City Club in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 14. Lawyers from throughout the state involved in 20 groundbreaking cases were honored.


Judicial Profile

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers
U.S. District Judge
Northern District of California (Oakland)
MAY 24, 2017

Corporate Counsel

Noemi "Nicky" Espinosa
General Counsel
HeartFlow Inc. (Redwood City)
MAY 23, 2017