Mental health professionals in family law   
Learn about the professionals' requisite general qualifications, the myriad professionals that may be used, use of professionals as mediators, and their utility in providing mental health to minors.
The “Double-Dipping” Debate   
In divorce cases, a court may calculate support based on an income stream that one spouse has purchased from the other. But does the practice require the supporting spouse to pay twice?
Family Law: Unique discovery and evidentiary issues   
Family law cases involve many discovery and evidentiary issues that are not usually confronted in other matters. It is important for both bench officers and attorneys practicing in this area of law to be fully conversant with these issues.
Introduction to the Best Interest of the Child Standard   
The best interest of the child standard applies almost universally in child custody decisions between parents. California case law, with limited assistance from the state’s existing statutory scheme, serves as the foundation for a somewhat vague defi
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