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The down-to-the-wire negotiations to avoid an expensive ballot measure fight follow years of failed legal and legislative effo...

U.S. Supreme Court, Immigration, 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

The ruling reverses two 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decisions and affirms a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision.

Slideshow, Community News

Litigation firm Frost LLP co-sponsored, along with their client WasteXperts, a sanitation and conservation company that handle...

Civil Litigation

Movie ticket seller accused of tacking on junk fees

Jun. 17, 2024
By Antoine Abou-Diwan

The putative class action was filed weeks before a new law prohibiting the imposition of junk fees is set to take effect.

Intellectual Property

They claim it should not have been left up to a jury to decide patent claims relating to a penile implant. Opposing counsel sa...

Labor/Employment, Corporate, Civil Litigation

U.S. District Judge Maxine M. Chesney said she wanted to wait until she decides on Musk's bid to toss the plaintiffs' equitabl...


The staffing agency is accused of engaging in wage theft in a lawsuit spearheaded by San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu.

Monday's expected filing will be the 5th by a California diocese in less than two years.

Attorneys for the California-based clinic say an attempt by plaintiffs to include several interstate clinics in the class acti...

Labor/Employment, Government

A government claim filed Thursday states Michelle McGinnis was targeted after she raised concerns about what she claims were p...

Real Estate

Judge rules in favor of tenants facing mass eviction

Jun. 14, 2024
By Antoine Abou-Diwan

The question of whether Barrington Plaza's landlord could legally evict the tenants hinged on what constituted a property's "p...

Government, Corporate, Civil Litigation

SVB attorneys clash with FDIC over discovery

Jun. 14, 2024
By Sunidhi Sridhar

The FDIC argues that it has different rights and liabilities as a receiver rather than a corporation, while Silicon Valley Ban...

Consumer Law, Civil Litigation

Intuit Inc. has accused H&R Block of hurting its business by advertising misleading price comparisons.

Judges and Judiciary, Government

The fate of the legislation is uncertain. But the bill, if approved, would add 21 federal judgeships in California by 2035.

Allen Matkins adds 5-member real estate team in LA

Jun. 14, 2024
By Douglas Saunders Sr.

The lawyers specialize in joint ventures, private equity, and finance.


The lawsuit was brought by two current Apple employees and accuses the company of forcing one of the lead plaintiffs to work a...

U.S. Supreme Court, Intellectual Property, Constitutional Law

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the names clause in the Lanham Act's trademark law is compatible with the First ...

Civil Procedure

LA County court to trial new remote appearance tech

Jun. 13, 2024
By Antoine Abou-Diwan

The test of an updated version of LACourtConnect will commence July 1.

Labor/Employment, Civil Litigation

Counsel for Disney told the hearing that Gina Carano stated she "was fired because of her political views on the internet over...


ACLU files challenge to Biden's directive on asylees

Jun. 13, 2024
By Jack Needham, Skyler Romero

The complaint alleges that the restrictions imposed by last week's executive order are in violation of federal statute. A simi...

Criminal, 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Laurie L. Levenson, a professor at Loyola Law School, said selective prosecution arguments are very difficult to win.

Ethics/Professional Responsibility, Data Privacy, Civil Litigation

Bright Data alleges that Quinn Emanuel violated professional responsibility guidelines by switching sides and going after the ...

Judges and Judiciary, Government

Biden nominates judge for seat on Northern District

Jun. 13, 2024
By Craig Anderson

Judge Noel Wise currently sits on the Alameda County Superior Court.

Law Practice

Coinbase accused of hiding spread fee disclosure

Jun. 13, 2024
By Wisdom Howell

The complaint alleges that Coinbase's disclosure of spread fees is not readily apparent in transaction summaries.

The endorsement underscores the shift that has occurred in recent years as more left-wing DAs took power in Los Angeles, San F...

Entertainment & Sports

University of San Francisco professor and SportsEconomics president Daniel Rascher told jurors that adopting a similar model t...

Ethics/Professional Responsibility

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs lacked knowledge of complex business transactions. In contrast, the buyer, the priv...

Torts/Personal Injury, Consumer Protection Law

J&J finalizes $700M talc litigation settlement

Jun. 12, 2024
By Sunidhi Sridhar

The deal, which includes a pledge to end sales of products with talc, requires court approval.

Ethics/Professional Responsibility

State Bar Judge Yvette D. Roland said that the allegations Michael Libman faced in each action were "very different."


Employees were forced to work through lunch breaks and were not reimbursed for business expenses, according to the complaint.