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Civil Procedure
Max out joint defense agreements [MCLE]
In the past, litigation typically involved only one plaintiff and one defendant. Modern litigation, however, tends to be far more complex, involving multiple parties, parent corporations, affiliated entities, insurers and sometimes "angel" funders. By J. Randolph Evans and Shari Klevens
Experts and hearsay rules: cross versus direct [MCLE]
Review the basics involving hearsay and experts. The key points: (1) The rules are different on direct vs. cross; and (2) the rules on direct have changed in a big way. By Lawrence Riff
Consumer Law
Tread carefully as a debt collection attorney [MCLE]
Circuits are split on whether debt collection attorneys can be subject to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act liability when engaging in procedural filings or communicating with a debtor's counsel. By J. Randolph Evans and Shari Klevens
Civil Practice
Limits on garnishment of low income debtors [MCLE]
It is important for attorneys and unrepresented litigants in judgment enforcement proceedings to know the facts and their rights and to provide the court hearing a claim of exemption with complete information. By Thomas D. Long
Criminal Law
Brady disclosures [MCLE]
Learn about the prosecution's duty under Brady, limitations on the duty, what constitutes favorable and material evidence, and how the Brady duty intersects with the right to discovery under Pitchess. By Elia Pirozzi
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