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Criminal Practice
Competency in California criminal courts [MCLE]
The procedure for determining competency for a criminal defendant confuses many attorneys, even criminal attorneys. By Chris Honigsberg
An insurer's liability for failure to settle [MCLE]
Insurers and insureds often disagree about whether a claim or lawsuit against an insured should be settled and if so, for how much. What should not be subject to disagreement is an insurer's duty to pay reasonable settlements. By Kirk A. Pasich
Constitutional Law
Batson is back [MCLE]
For only the second time in over 25 years, the California Supreme Court has found that a peremptory challenge violated the constitutional prohibition against racial discrimination in jury selection. By Laura Kelly and Mai Linh Spencer
Constitutional Law
Courts diverge on commercial speech [MCLE]
Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have granted ever-increasing First Amendment protection to commercial speakers. The 9th Circuit, however, seems to be moving in the opposite direction. By Richard A. Samp
Internet Law
Maintain immunity under the Communications Decency Act [MCLE]
What should you do if users start using your client's website to post hateful, obscene or defamatory comments and images? User-posted content can damage your business image and, with the wrong set of facts, result in legal liability. By Matthew Lubniewski and Samantha Beatty
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