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John Doe v. Cedars-Sinai Health System
Federal officer removal was improper where hospital failed to establish that it created its website pursuant to congressional authority to accomplish a governmental task.
Civil Procedure 9th Jul. 8, 2024
Casa Blanca Beach v. County of Santa Barbara
Homeowner association's lawsuit against county planning commission was not ripe because it failed to exhaust its administrative remedies and doing so would not be futile.
Civil Procedure, Administrative Agencies 2DCA/6 Jun. 27, 2024
Marriage of Moore
Fees and costs incurred during mediation occurring after motions to compel discovery were filed were not compensable via sanctions award because they were not costs of bringing the motions.
Civil Procedure 1DCA/3 Jun. 27, 2024
Murthy v. Missouri
Plaintiffs lacked standing to pursue Frist Amendment freedom of speech claims against social-media platforms for purported government-encouraged censorship of misinformation.
Civil Procedure USSC Jun. 27, 2024
Doe v. Uber Technologies, Inc.
No abuse of discretion where trial court judge not only appropriately applied correct legal standard but also ensured that plaintiff understood and stipulated to forum non conveniens issues.
Civil Procedure 1DCA/2 Jun. 26, 2024
Hardell v. Vanzyl
The requisite connection for personal jurisdiction for a work sexual harassment claim could not be shown by using the location preceding the employment relationship.
Civil Procedure 1DCA/4 Jun. 24, 2024
TRC Operating Company, Inc et al. v. Chevron USA, Inc.
Code of Civil Procedure Section 203 only excludes from jury eligibility people required to register as a sex offender under Penal Code Section 290, and not other sections.
Civil Procedure 5DCA Jun. 24, 2024
Texas v. New Mexico
Consent decree proposed by States could not be entered without express consent of the United States because the decree would have disposed of the United States' claims without its consent.
Civil Procedure, Water Rights USSC Jun. 24, 2024
White v. Symmetry Assigned Benefits Service Company
Individual issues predominated in putative class action where defendant allegedly improperly induced each plaintiff to factor their structured settlement annuity
Civil Procedure 9th Jun. 21, 2024
Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine
Anti-abortion doctors and medical associations were wholly without standing to challenge Food and Drug Administration regulations regarding abortive medication that did not regulate their actions.
Civil Procedure USSC Jun. 14, 2024
Modification: Lorch v. Superior Court (Kia Motors America, Inc.)
Petitioner's peremptory challenge to judge reassigned to her case filed before trial began was timely where the parties were notified of the reassignment via telephone call from the court clerk.
Civil Procedure 4DCA/1 Jun. 6, 2024
Eagle Fire and Water Restoration, Inc. v. City of Dinuba et al.
Trial court retained jurisdiction to enforce settlement agreement because cross-complaint had not been dismissed yet and, therefore, the case remained "pending litigation."
Civil Procedure 5DCA May 31, 2024
San Diego Unified School Dist. v. Superior Court (John Doe D.Y.)
Section 340.1 (childhood sexual assault) ruling that case could proceed against defendant was not a merits-based fact determination for purposes of a Section 170.6 judicial peremptory challenge.
Civil Procedure 4DCA/1 May 30, 2024
Simple Avo Paradise Ranch, LLC v. Southern Cal. Edison Co.
Current case law prevented appellate court from ceasing defendant's questionable tactic in brokering a stipulated judgment with one of hundreds of plaintiffs to facilitate appeal of unfavorable ruling.
Civil Procedure 2DCA/7 May 28, 2024
Campbell v. Los Angeles Unified School Dist.
Appellant failed to meet burden of showing evidence was insufficient to support outcome below because her opening brief did not provide appropriate citations to the administrative record.
Civil Procedure 2DCA/8 May 24, 2024
Marriage of Moore
Trial court improperly included mediation-related fees and costs incurred after filing a motion to compel in sanctions award, which were not reasonably incurred as a part of bringing the motion.
Civil Procedure 1DCA/3 May 23, 2024
Campbell v. Los Angeles Unified School Dist.
Sustaining demurrer without leave to amend was appropriate where plaintiff failed to present her claim to school district as required by the Government Code before filing her lawsuit.
Civil Procedure 2DCA/8 May 22, 2024
Lorch v. Superior Court (Kia Motors America, Inc.)
Petitioner's peremptory challenge to judge reassigned to her case filed before trial began was timely where the parties were notified of the reassignment via telephone call from the court clerk.
Civil Procedure 4DCA/1 May 20, 2024
Harrow v. Department of Defense
Statutory 60-day deadline for bringing petitions for judicial review of decisions by the Merit Systems Protection Board was nonjurisdictional requirement that may be subject to equitable tolling.
Civil Procedure USSC May 17, 2024
Malmquist v. City of Folsom
Trial court did not abuse its discretion in determining that individual interests predominated where expert evidence showed that at least some class members' pipe leaks were from poor workmanship rather than defendant's pH control.
Civil Procedure 3DCA May 16, 2024
Save the Capitol, Save the Trees v. Dept. of General Services
Trial court erred by discharging preemptory writ of mandate without first determining whether defendant remedied CEQA compliance issues previously identified by the Court of Appeal.
Environmental Law, Civil Procedure 3DCA May 16, 2024
Warner Chappell Music, Inc. v. Nealy
Copyright plaintiffs may recover damages for acts that allegedly occurred more than three years before the filing of the lawsuit if the claims are timely filed.
Copyright, Civil Procedure USSC May 10, 2024
Bafford v. Administrative Committee of the Northrop Grumman Pension Plan
An ERISA plan administrator's duty to provide pension benefit statements is not met if the provided statements are substantially inaccurate.
Employment Law, Civil Procedure 9th May 10, 2024
Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico v. Earley
Staying securities fraud proceedings as to individual defendants during corporate Chapter 11 proceedings for judicial efficiency was inappropriate without weighing potential prejudice to shareholder plaintiffs in the fraud action.
Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy 9th May 6, 2024
Douglas Pell v. Amy Nunez
Law student failed to state a cognizable deprivation of rights under federal law because State Bar's action was merely advisory and without legal significance until approved by California Supreme Court.
Attorneys, Civil Procedure 9th May 1, 2024
Vines v. O'Reilly Auto Enterprises
Trial court erred in granting interest on attorneys' fees award from the date of the original judgment, rather than the new judgment after reversal on appeal.
Civil Procedure 2DCA/7 Apr. 25, 2024
Lytle v. Nutramax Laboratories,Inc.
At the class certification stage, plaintiffs may use a reliable, unexecuted damages model to show that damages are susceptible to common proof.
Civil Procedure, Consumer Law 9th Apr. 23, 2024
U.S. v. Allahyari
Decision was not appealable because the party's rights had not been sufficiently settled after the district court entered a tentative agreement as to the value of a deed.
Civil Procedure 9th Apr. 18, 2024
Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency v. Whittaker Corporation
District court did not abuse its discretion by allowing water agency to assert legal theory at trial not included in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26 because it did not involve evidence.
Civil Procedure 9th Apr. 16, 2024
Casola v. Dexcom, Inc.
For removability, an electronically submitted complaint is not "filed" in California state court until it is acknowledged as officially filed by the court clerk.
Civil Procedure 9th Apr. 11, 2024