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Constitutional Law, Civil Rights

California’s transgender youth ‘safe haven’ status is in jeopardy

Sep. 20, 2023
By Madison Thomsen, Alphonse Provinziano

California and Florida have conflicting laws about gender-affirming care. The divide will likely be resolved by the conservati...

Intellectual Property

The artist, the spouse, and breach of fiduciary duty

Sep. 19, 2023
By Karra Ideozu, Scott J. Nord

Copyright law seeks to protect an individual’s freedom of expression. Ordering a sale of artistic property would seemingly def...

California Courts of Appeal

This is the first time that any court has dealt with a settlement that is less than the 998 offer when the case involved a fee...

Labor/Employment, Administrative/Regulatory

California employers with workspaces that are prone to extreme heat, such as warehouses, may want to review newly-proposed Cal...

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Tell your story, but to a mediator

Sep. 12, 2023
By Greg Derin

Outcomes in a courtroom are not sterile; they are the result of human beings assessing the motivations and actions of others. ...


Technology, Law Practice, Ethics/Professional Responsibility

WATCH NOW: Ready to deploy new technologies to simplify your work? Legal tech experts offer guidance in legal prompting and th...

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Community News

Community News, California Courts of Appeal

Supreme Court Historical Society bestows legal writer awards

Aug. 22, 2023
By Douglas Saunders Sr.

The top three writers represented UC Irvine School of Law and UC Berkeley School of Law. They read summaries of their papers t...


Beyond rescheduling: reimagining cannabis policy for a more just society

Sep. 18, 2023

Although the rhetoric around rescheduling marijuana is a ...

By Warren Arndt, Allison B. Margolin

How federal legislation can effectively tackle NIL collectives

Aug. 25, 2023

The NCAA’s interim policies on name, image and likeness r...

By Frank N. Darras

Recent affirmative action ruling may impact private sector DEI initiatives

Aug. 22, 2023

It is highly likely that the Court’s decision will spawn ...

By James La Rocca, Emily Burkhardt Vicente

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