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Weekly Quiz

Jun. 14, 2024

Test your knowledge of the Daily Journal's headlines.

A Superior Court judge ruled that a mass eviction of tenants in a West Los Angeles apartment building was a perversion of the Ellis Act.
The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a plan to create 63 new federal trial judges throughout the country but snubbed California.
Justice Clarence Thomas used the U.S. Supreme Court’s new “history and tradition” standard, laid out in a 2020 gun rights case New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, to deny a California lawyer a trademark for the phrase “Trump too short.”
A Los Angeles County judge ruled this week that school districts can sue social media companies under public nuisance laws.
Santa Clara County’s Democrat district attorney, Jeff Rosen, came to Los Angeles to endorse a challenge to Los Angeles’ Democrat district attorney, George Gascon. Rosen said he chose to endorse Nathan Hochman, a Republican turned independent, because he believes criminal justice reform has led to rising crime rates.
A Scottish woman sued Netflix because it didn’t pay her for the rights to its hit series “Baby Reindeer.”
Surfwear brand Birdwell California was sanctioned for a second time for abandoning an arbitration proceeding.
In a profile, San Diego Superior Court Judge Steven Stone said he often questions witnesses himself because he has more trial experience than the attorneys appearing before him.
In an article, “Mothering like a lawyer: How to nurture your kids using legal principles that instill grit and grace,” Kimberlina McKinney of Newell Law Group wrote that throwing her child into “jail” as a judge might do a contemptuous lawyer has made her a better parent.
In an article, “Time, energy, and the use of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for resolving disputes,” Devin Tucker of Alternative Resolution Centers wrote about a transformative experience she had at Shokoku-Ji, the famous temple of mediated peace at the Japan International Mediation Center in Kyoto, Japan.