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May 1, 2024

Hon. Raul Ramirez (Ret.)

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Hon. Raul Ramirez (Ret.) is a distinguished ADR professional renowned for his expertise in resolving complex legal disputes. Since 1990, Judge Ramirez has devoted himself full-time to private dispute resolution, establishing himself as a pioneer in the field. He has specialized in employment claims including wrongful termination and discrimination based on sex, race, age, and disability, civil rights disputes, personal injury and wrongful death claims, and intricate business and commercial disputes.

Judge Ramirez’s extensive judicial experience includes serving as a Federal District Court Judge for the Eastern District of California and an Appellate Judge, by appointment, for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Throughout his career, he has earned a reputation for his keen understanding of the law, dedication to fair and just outcomes, and his ability to navigate intricate legal landscapes.

After retiring from the bench, Judge Ramirez served as a Senior Litigation Partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe’s Sacramento office. During this tenure, his primary focus was on complex litigation and alternative dispute resolution procedures, including serving as a court-appointed settlement master, mediator, private settlement conference judge, and neutral and party arbitrator.

Today, Judge Ramirez remains committed to serving as a trusted mediator and settlement facilitator in pivotal cases and has limited his practice to focus exclusively on resolving personal injury, employment, and police excessive force cases. His wealth of experience and nuanced approach continue to make him an invaluable resource in the legal community, dedicated to achieving equitable resolutions in challenging legal matters. (213) 683-1600 ramirez-raul


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