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May 1, 2024

Hon. David A. Rosen (Ret.)

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ADR Services, Inc.

Active listening; perseverance; patience; perseverance; respect; perseverance; experience; perseverance; good nature; perseverance.

These are the qualities that Judge Rosen, now at ADR Services, Inc., believes are critical to success as a private neutral.

“There’s no doubt that over 98% of all civil cases settle. I saw this as a lawyer, as a judge, and now as a neutral. So, it’s critical for the litigants and for the system as a whole that we continue to develop improved methods to bring parties together to resolve differences.”

Judge Rosen spent approximately eight years as a Superior Court Judge, handling a variety of assignments, including four years as a Family Law home court judge and 2½ years presiding over a Civil Independent Calendar court.

Prior to serving as a judge, Judge Rosen practiced for over 30 years, handling various kinds of tort and contract matters, including toxic exposures, environmental cases, products liability cases, and employment disputes, including class actions. Rosen handled numerous jury trials, and extensive law and motion and appellate work, representing literally thousands of litigants in settlement conferences and mediations.

“In Mediations, where the lawyers already know each other from the case at hand if not beyond, I move directly as possible into separate discussions of critical facts and then negotiations. I try to foster an open, somewhat casual, but certainly professional atmosphere in which I try to bring the parties together.”

“In Arbitrations, the atmosphere is a bit more formal and the rules of evidence certainly apply. I do my best to rule on objections or motions promptly and correctly, having learned well that counsel and parties want the Judge to rule and move on.”

Counsel who’ve recently appeared before Judge Rosen: Dan Bolton, Marcus Loo, Jeff Ehrlich, Peter Brotzen, Andrew Waxler, Christopher Green, James Carr. (310) 201-0010


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