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May 1, 2024

Sidney Kanazawa, Esq.

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Alternative Resolution Centers

Sid Kanazawa is a full-time mediator/arbitrator at ARC (Alternative Resolution Centers) who thought he understood mediations. During his 40 years of trial practice, he believed the myths - “if everyone is unhappy, it must be a good settlement,” “in-person is the only way to effectively mediate,” and “mediations should be scheduled just before trial.” After the pandemic forced him to mediate more than 100 cases online, he no longer believes the myths. Using a status conference approach he developed during the pandemic, he now mediates early (sometimes before a lawsuit is filed), often, online, in-person, and world-wide to secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of nearly every action. And everyone now leaves happy.

Armed with just curiosity and open-ended questions, Sid helps enemies hear and see each other and themselves. And through this simple flexible process, Sid collaborates with the parties to find a mutually acceptable path forward into the future.

While mediations are strictly confidential in California, Sid can point to what he now appreciates was a similar approach he employed as a trial lawyer. In the largest oil spill in the Port of Los Angeles, Sid and his team resolved, in three months, over 2,000 claims (600 within 2 weeks of the spill). In a refinery fire case, Sid recovered millions for the injured worker with a letter and a lunch and no lawsuit. And in the largest class action of lawyers, Sid recovered $45 million for the class when he was brought in just before trial, even though there were zero offers before he entered the case.

Sid is a prolific writer and speaker and would love to provide a free CLE on mediation tips and how to prepare, negotiate, build trust, and secure a just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of nearly every action. 310-284-8224


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