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May 1, 2024

Philip Barbaro, Jr. Esq.

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Philip Barbaro, Jr. is Certified by the State Bar of California as a specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate law, he brings more than 30 years of experience and wisdom to the resolution of disputes that arise in the administration and litigation of probate, trust and conservatorship cases, including will and trust contests and matters involving elder abuse, undue influence and capacity issues.

As an attorney he tried cases involving nearly all aspects and issues that arise in Probate, Trust and Conservatorship matters. In addition, he has prepared hundreds of estate plans, administered probate, trust and conservatorship estates. All of this gives him a unique perspective in approaching mediation. He has been in the trenches and understands what the litigants are dealing with both legally and emotionally. At the same time, he certainly understands the competitive nature of the legal disputes. He helps the litigants understand that a resolution will only happen when both parties are able to open themselves up to the process, when they are willing to compromise and concede as appropriate to settle their matter. This includes openly sharing their emotions, their fears, and their priorities with the mediator, but it also means openly listening to what the other party is asking for and considering alternative perspectives. The first thing he lets the parties know in a mediation is that he is not asking for anything from them, he only asks that they stay open to the process and allow it to play out.

The bottom line is that family and estate matters are never simply about money. They are about competing interests, hurt feelings, and sometimes toxic relationships. The emotions are raw, and they will fester and become cancerous unless they find an outlet. 213-623-0211


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