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May 1, 2024

Hon. Monica Bachner, Ret.

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Judge Monica Bachner has garnered a reputation for excellence over the course of her 40-year legal career. Appointed to the bench in 2002, she served on the Los Angeles County Superior Court bench for more than 20 years, presiding over a variety of cases, including commercial, employment and real property matters. During her tenure, Judge Bachner presided over civil and criminal departments, and spent her last seven years in a civil unlimited independent calendar department.

While serving as a bench officer, Judge Bachner was settlement-oriented and often assisted attorneys in resolving discovery disputes, facilitating their progress toward trial. When asked to describe her approach to private dispute resolution, she says, “My role as a neutral is to assist the parties in finding mutual agreement. It is important to understand the legal issues and the litigants’ motivations while ensuring that all parties are heard. I will always be fair to all sides and consider the facts and the law presented.”

Prior to her bench appointment, Judge Bachner was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, where she served in a variety of managerial positions, including as chief of the U.S. Attorney’s Orange County office.

Judge Bachner has a passion for education and giving back to others. She chaired the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Judicial Education Committee for many years; taught classes to experienced judges on various topics, including anti-SLAPP laws and expert witness testimony; and taught trial advocacy at USC Gould School of Law. 213-223-1113


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