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Know thy adversary - what the State Bar considers when deciding to close an inquiry or investigation. ...

Law Practice, Discipline

Your integrity and moral character have been attacked, how do you set the record straight? ...

Law Practice

Breaking up legal representation can be hard to do. ...

Measures lawyers should take to secure client consent of the fee agreement. ...

Judges and Judiciary

A Moral Choice

Sep. 7, 2010

The moral of the story? Perhaps running against an exceptionally well-qualified judge demonstrates lack of judgment.

Judges and Judiciary

The unseating of San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Richard Ulmer will have a far greater politicizing effect than many...

Law Practice

Law Office Management

Agent of Change

Mar. 2, 2008

I do hospice volunteer work, offering care and support to residents during the last hours of their lives. The experience has ...

Law Office Management

Ill-Suited to Retail

Oct. 2, 2007

From the time I was a kid, I spent my spare time working in my family's clothing store. But did I really belong there? ...

Appellate Practice

Expert Advice

Jul. 1, 2006

Practical tips for preparing for the worst--losing an important motion--and getting relief through a writ petition. by Benjam...

Everyone is anxious about today's election because of what happened in 2000. Many believe that the Democrats were out-lawyered...


In 1993, the state Legislature passed a bill that would have added a statute of limitations to the State Bar Act. The proposed...