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U.S. Supreme Court, Criminal

Supreme Court reins in government's fraud theories...again

May 23, 2023
By David C. Griffith, Nimi Aviad, Agustin D. Orozco

The Supreme Court issued two opinions limiting the reach of the federal fraud statutes and eliminating often-used theories fro...

U.S. Supreme Court, Intellectual Property

Supreme Court rules against fair use of Andy Warhol silkscreen

May 23, 2023
By Daniel B. Lifschitz, Douglas L. Johnson

The decision, which affirms the 2nd Circuit’s findings in the landmark copyright case, rebalances the fair use doctrine to pla...

Real Estate

With the proliferation of contract forms requiring arbitration of real estate disputes – including those published by the Cali...

Constitutional Law

Ending cash-based jailing: a win for the Constitution and public safety

May 19, 2023
By J. Anthony Kline, Erwin Chemerinsky, Miriam Aroni Krinsky

As a former federal prosecutor, a constitutional law scholar and a former judge, we believe the Court made the right decision....

California Courts of Appeal, Alternative Dispute Resolution

This is likely not the final word on cost-shifting of 998 costs and expert fees. Given the clear divide among the appellate ju...


WATCH NOW: Gain insight into the current dramatic expansion of international arbitration in California. This knowledge is ess...

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Community News

Education Law, Community News

LA ABOTA holds 1st mock trial with students

May 25, 2023
By Skyler Romero

“We are really hoping people go home to their families and start thinking about what kind of career they want to have, and we...


The AI revolution: transforming the practice of law and why attorneys need to adapt

May 26, 2023

Several prognosticators have predicted a seismic shift in...

By Kevin A. Adams

How to minimize complications when arbitrating real estate disputes

May 22, 2023

With the proliferation of contract forms requiring arbitr...

By Bernard M. Resser

Programming professionalism: the ethics of artificial intelligence

May 15, 2023

Although AI has proven over the years to be a helpful way...

By Wendy L. Patrick

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