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Law Practice

The new leadership plans to proceed more quietly and focus on growing client relationships, a firm spokesperson said.


Law Practice,

As several recent cases illustrate, the remote nature of videoconference depositions has also lent itself to deposition abuses...

U.S. Supreme Court, Torts/Personal Injury

Fear and trembling with apologies to Kierkegaard

Jun. 5, 2023
By Arthur Gilbert

Even if the results AI achieves are helpful, its use may foster the atrophy of the human creative brain. If this happens, our ...

Ediscovery, California Supreme Court

California Supreme Court Review: May 2023

Jun. 5, 2023
By Nicole J. Kim, Yoona Lee, Andrew S. Ong

If the Court sides with the trial court and PricewaterhouseCoopers, it could open up the door for litigators expanding the gro...

Torts/Personal Injury, Insurance

Insurance company wrongfully conflates duty to defend with insured’s potential liability in third party action. On appeal, the...

Civil Procedure, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Legal professionals practicing in the cryptocurrency sector must keep jurisdictional challenges in mind, particularly when dea...

Upcoming Webinars

Ready to deploy new technologies to simplify your work? In this upcoming webinar, legal tech experts will offer guidance in le...


WATCH NOW: Gain insight into the current dramatic expansion of international arbitration in California. This knowledge is ess...

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Community News

Real Estate, Community News

Attorneys for the L.A. Alliance for Human Rights accused the Los Angeles Community Action Network of having a hand in shaping ...


The scope of arbitration clauses

Jun. 7, 2023

In a recent Ninth Circuit opinion applying California's a...

By Patrick Burns, Gary A. Watt

The AI revolution: transforming the practice of law and why attorneys need to adapt

May 26, 2023

Several prognosticators have predicted a seismic shift in...

By Kevin A. Adams

How to minimize complications when arbitrating real estate disputes

May 22, 2023

With the proliferation of contract forms requiring arbitr...

By Bernard M. Resser

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